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Why Choose Us?

First of all, our program is built upon honesty and integrity.  We believe that building relationships with our potential owners and earning their trust is the most important thing we do aside from caring for our dogs.  Most breeders only want to interact over text or messenger.  We encourage calls, video chats and visits prior to choosing us because we know that after you talk to us or visit, you will want to have one of our puppies.  You then are no longer a prospective customer; you become part of our family.

Our dogs are pets and are never kept in kennels.  In order to expand our program without having too many dogs in our own home, we do have breeding dogs in guardian homes of people we trust.  This way, when our breeding dogs are retired, they don't get rehomed, they continue to be pets.   We don't believe in over breeding our females, so they are retired after four litters.  Because they are only bred four times, they are retired at a really young age.  Unlike some breeders who pay other people to raise their puppies, every one of our litters is born and raised in our home.  

Unlike most Pomsky breeders, we not only allow, we encourage you to visit our home to see the living conditions of our dogs and to see where we raise our puppies.  We are proud of our program and know that with such a big decision and large investment, you should be able to see the breeder in person and evaluate their facility.  


You become part of our family when you purchase a puppy from us.  We have a Facebook Page dedicated solely to our owners so we can keep in touch and get updates.  It also allows us to provide lifetime breeder support.  

We are responsible in the aspect of requiring a spay/neuter contract on all of our puppies unless we are selling to established and reputable breeders.  We believe it is important to help control the pet population by not allowing just anyone to breed our dogs.  We also have a clause in our contract that requires the owner to contact us if they can no longer care for the dog prior to considering surrendering it to a shelter.

We simply produce amazing puppies.  We have done our research and have chosen the best of the best to be our breeding stock.  We would love for you to evaluate other breeders and compare their program and their puppies to ours. Very few raise the puppies in their homes like we do.

We do genetic testing on all of our breeding dogs to ensure they are only mixed with Pomeranian or Husky and are clear of any genetic diseases.

Finally, because we spend just about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our puppies from birth until they meet their furever families, our puppies are the most socialized and confident Pomskies around.  They are ready to thrive in any environment and adapt to any situation.  Because of this, we have many families with two of our puppies and several families getting ready to add their 3rd.  

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