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Contact us: Phone: 540.446.4495   Email:  PurelyPomskies@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/purelypomskies   Instagram:  Purely_Pomskies_  Twitter:  @pomskiespurely

Upcoming Litters

Bella and Bandit will be bred for what will be both of their first litters of F3 smaller puppies   Expected to arrive around Jul/Aug.

This is an exciting pairing.  These guys can produce white, black, grey, chocolate and the rare lavender and blue puppies. Expected to arrive around Aug/Sep

This will be Luna's final litter.  These will be black and white and grey and white blue eyed mini and possibly micro Pomskies. Expected to arrive around Aug/Sep

These will be our smallest puppies ever.  Both parents are 13lbs.  Expected to arrive around Sep/Oct.

Leia and Crash will be bred for a repeat pairing.  Their puppies from their last litter were perfectly marked  with double blue eyes and range in weight from 12-30lbs.  Expected to arrive around Sep/Oct.