Upcoming Purely Pomskies Litters
Updated 5/17/2022

As you can see, we will have an extremely busy spring and summer.  We are so excited to welcome pups from our new moms.  You will want to join our waitlist early to have a shot at one of these puppies!

These will be Micro F3 Pomskies expected around 28 May 2022.

Colors can be white, grey and white, and black and white.

Izzie - Bandit.jpg

Pip will be paired with Thor from our friends at Pomskies 4 Dayz and all puppies will be blue or lavender and possible a lavender or blue covered in cream!  Puppies will be F3 and due around August 2022.


Harley will be paired with

Legend and should be welcoming puppies in late summer.  These will be standard sized Pomskies


Princess Leia will be paired with Kyber.  These will be standard F3 Pomskies expected around mid July. Colors can be grey and white, and black and white.  


Willow is our rare Blue Pomsky.

We are contemplating

who to pair her with

but she should be welcoming

puppies in late summer.


After their perfect litter of eight, 

we will definitely

be repeating this pairing. 

Micro Pomskies are expected in early fall.

Bandit Maya.jpg