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Upcoming Purely Pomskies Litters
Updated 7/5/2024

Ginger, our chocolate fluffy girl, was

paired with Spencer.  They can make most every color possible except Merle.  These will be mini to standard sized F3 Pomskies.  First pick is already taken.  Join our list to secure your spot.  Puppies should arrive around 4 August.

ginger and spencer.jpg

Frenchie will be paired with Bandit.

These should be toy and mini Pomskies.  Puppies should arrive in early September

Frenchie and Bandit.jpg

Phoebe (rare lavender) and

Buster (rare blue) will be paired early this Summer. These will be toy and mini sized puppies.   They will all be blue, lavender, or blue or lavender covered in white.  Puppies should arrive sometime in September.

Buster and Izzie_edited.jpg

Willow (rare rare blue) and

Gus will be paired this Summer. These will be mini and standard sized puppies.   Puppies should arrive in mid September.  This will be Willow's third and final litter


Also due to come into heat is Pip, who will be paired with Bandit. Rose and Merida will likely be bred in early 2025.

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