Upcoming Purely Pomskies Litters
Updated 11/18/2022

As you can see, we will have an extremely busy winter and spring.  We are so excited to welcome pups from our new moms.  You will want to join our waitlist early to have a shot at one of these puppies!

Willow is our rare

Blue Pomsky.  

We will be pairing

 her with Crash and 

should  be welcoming 

puppies in

early 2023.

Our tiniest pairing will

bring micro Pomskies

in early 2023

Izzie - Bandit.jpg

Princess Leia

and Kyber will

welcome puppies of

many colors in early 2023


Frenchie will be paired with

Spencer for early 2023 puppies


Harley will be paired

with Bandit for

early 2023 puppies


Lucy will be paired with Bandit for some tiny puppies expected in late winter.