Upcoming Litters

Updated 7/6/2020

Bella and Bandit were bred for what will be both of their first litters of F3 smaller puppies.  We expect mini and possibly some micro Pomskies.  Due to arrive around 24 July.

These should be our smallest puppies ever.  Both parents are 13lbs.  We should have micro and mini F3 Pomskies from this pairing.  Expected to arrive around 10 August.

Leia and Crash will be bred for a repeat pairing.  Their puppies from their last litter were perfectly marked with double blue eyes and range in weight from 10-30lbs.  Expected these F2 puppies to arrive around 12 August.

This will be Luna's final litter.  These will be black and white and grey and white blue eyed mini and possibly micro F2 Pomskies. Expected to arrive around 2 September

Maddie and Crash were paired and should make some stunning Grey and White and possibly all White F2 Pomskies.  We think puppies will range from 15-30lbs Expected to arrive around 4 September

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